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The promise of new and eternal life with God that awaits us is the promise of resurrection - the greatest hope, comfort and strength of our Catholic faith. Christian consolation is rooted in the hope that comes from faith in the saving death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Death can cruelly cut short the plans we have carefully and prayerfully made for our own loved ones; it can painfully stretch the bonds of love and friendship, but death cannot eradicate those bonds, nor can it even render meaningless a life that seems to end long before its time, such as the unexpected death of a young child. As Christians, we are uplifted by the knowledge that Christ has won victory for us over death. Everything we believe in calls us to hope.

Choosing a resting place for your loved one is a beautiful and meaningful experience. A Catholic burial has a deep significance for us because as Christians, we believe that our healing takes place in remembrance and prayer for the deceased. The prayerful environment of the Catholic cemetery can be of great assistance in building faith and in giving us peace of mind. Since 1912, St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleums offers a sacred, tranquil and serene park-like setting nestled on a beautiful 34-arcre site in Toms River, NJ. As the years went on, the grounds were expanded and two mausoleums were built - St. Joseph's Chapel in 1986 and the Risen Christ Chapel in 2001. Throughout the Cemetery, you will find much history and family legacies. The grounds and mausoleums have many inspirational symbols of hope and faith.

Thousands of families have put their trust in our caring staff who will help you discern the alternatives from a wide variety of burial options that fit your needs in these challenging times. It is in the occasion of great loss, the loss of a loved one, that we find comfort in our baptism, and entry into the body of Christ His Church.

We are thankful for the assurance that we will one day be united in Him. As we await our union in the next life with Christ and the company of the saints and all the faithful, we seek to memorialize the lives of those we have lost.

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleums

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